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Processing of information

When a record is created on our website, all computer data are stored, (email address, username (login) and password, personal identification data, among others).

The interaction with our website, (sending of information, periodic communications, among others) is made only by user request, may choose, at any time, by giving up such action.

By registering on the site, the user will have access to exclusive areas to "registered users".


Changes in privacy policy

The information, specifications and illustrations contained on the site are valid and available at the time of your publication. Camperline Lda., reserves the right to make changes at any time, without prior notification, to all your content, including text, graphics, photographs.

Camperline Lda. not responsible for typographical errors or typos. These changes may refer to prices (only for registered users), accessories and versions of the vehicles.

Some of the vehicles displayed in the images may have optional equipment, not part of the serial version, so the user must contact Camperline Lda., for any additional information.

The user may at any time consult the site and make sure the valid rules.

In all the silent, the defined in law No. 67/98 of 16 October.