General Terms and Conditions

The outstanding balance for this contract must be settled no later than eight days before the pickup.

The client is required to leave a deposit/franchise of €1,800.00 / €2,000.00 via Visa card, cash, debit card, or bank transfer, which will be refunded after 72 hours following the return of the vehicle, for its verification. Upon the return of the deposit, any fees associated with this transaction will be borne by the client. In case of an accident/damage or damage caused to third parties or the motorhome, Camperline Lda. is authorized to immediately deposit/credit the deposit/franchise amounting to €1,800.00 for classes 0, I, and €2,000.00 for classes II, III, and VIP.

The driver must be over 21 years old and have held a driver’s license for more than one year.

The vehicle is handed over to the client with full fuel and gas (LPG) tanks and must be returned in the same condition. Otherwise, Camperline will charge the client for the missing fuel, plus the corresponding service fee.

The vehicle is delivered to the client clean, in perfect working condition, and with verified mechanics and must be returned with the interior acceptably clean and with the waste and WC tanks empty. Otherwise, Camperline will charge the corresponding service fee. If the presence of pets is detected, an extra cleaning fee will apply. The vehicle is handed over to the client with a set of tools: jack and wheel wrench, reflective vest, 2 triangles, hose, electrical extension, fire extinguisher, shovel, broom, bucket, toilet brush, bed and table covers, which must be returned. Bulbs, fuses, toilet chemicals, and gas are also provided, although excess consumption will be charged to the client.

For rentals up to 5 days, mileage is limited to 300 km per day; if exceeded, Camperline charges €0.35 + VAT at the current rate per additional kilometer. For rentals over 5 days, mileage is unlimited.

Rentals in partnership with Odisseias are limited to 200 km per day; if exceeded, Camperline charges €0.35 + VAT at the current rate per additional kilometer.

The client is always responsible to the authorities for driving beyond the contractual period and assumes all responsibilities regarding infractions, fines, and other situations occurring during the rental period.

The motorhome is picked up and returned to our facilities during business hours (09:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:30, Monday to Friday); outside these hours, please contact us.

Motorhomes returned after 09:00 will be charged an additional day’s rental fee.

Client support.

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