Legal Terms


1- To avoid exclusion of insurance coverage, the CLIENT agrees not to allow the vehicle to be driven by anyone not identified and accepted by the LESSOR as stipulated in the contract.

2- The CLIENT also agrees not to use the vehicle:

  1. to transport passengers or goods, either free of charge or in exchange for any compensation or remuneration, regardless of the form of agreement;
  2. to push or pull any vehicle or trailer and/or any object, whether it has wheels or not;
  3. under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication that may impair driving ability;
  4. for any transport in violation of customs regulations or in any other way that is illegal;
  5. to transport passengers or goods in violation of what is stated in the vehicle’s registration book.

3- The CLIENT agrees to keep the vehicle properly locked when not in use and not to leave its documents inside, without prejudice to always carrying them.
4- The CLIENT is expressly prohibited from selling, lending, or transferring the vehicle, the contract, the documents, or the tools in any way, or from using them in any way that may harm the LESSOR.


1- The CLIENT declares that they received the vehicle in good condition, equipped with tires in good condition and without punctures. In case of deterioration of any tire, for reasons unrelated to normal use, the client is obliged to immediately, at their own expense, replace it with tires of the same characteristics and brand.

2- It is expressly forbidden to tamper with the odometer. If this occurs, the lessor is authorized to charge the CLIENT for 500 km/day, without prejudice to legal proceedings for fraudulent use.


1- Reservations will only be effective after payment of 25% of the rental value.

2- Cancellation of the reservation, if made up to 30 days before the vehicle pickup, entitles the client to a refund of the amount paid. If made up to 15 days before, only 50% of the amount paid will be refunded. Cancellations made less than 15 days in advance do not entitle the client to a refund. In case of a refund, a fee of €50 (fifty euros) for administrative expenses will be deducted.

3- The CLIENT expressly agrees to pay the LESSOR, as soon as requested:

  1. The amount corresponding to the kilometers traveled, calculated according to the rate in effect and specified in the contract, determined by reading the odometer installed in the vehicle. In case of odometer malfunction not immediately reported to the LESSOR for repair, the calculation will be made as provided in II.2
  2. If the vehicle is not returned to CAMPERLINE’s facilities, the client will pay a compensation of €400 (four hundred euros) plus the cost of the kilometers from the vehicle’s abandonment location to CAMPERLINE’s facilities.
  3. All other expenses, including legal fees, attorney or solicitor fees hired by the LESSOR to obtain payment of any amounts due by the CLIENT.


1- The CLIENT or the authorized driver of the vehicle under this contract is insured under an automobile insurance policy that covers civil liability up to €5,000,000.00. Driver/passenger insurance and roadside assistance are in accordance with the policy’s specific conditions.

2- The CLIENT agrees to protect the interests of the LESSOR and the LESSOR’s insurance company in case of an accident during the rental period as follows:

  1. To report any accident, theft, fire, even if partial, to the lessor within a maximum of 24 hours and to report any accident involving bodily injury, theft, or incidents where the other party’s fault must be determined to the police;
  2. To mention in the report the circumstances of the accident, date, time, location, names and addresses of witnesses, names and addresses of the owner and driver of the third-party vehicle involved, and the registration number, make, insurance company, and policy number of the third-party vehicle;
  3. The CLIENT releases the LESSOR from any liability for losses, thefts, robberies, or damages of any nature related to objects and/or goods left in the vehicle;

3- The vehicle is only covered by insurance during the agreed rental period. If the contract is not extended by both parties, the LESSOR declines any responsibility for accidents caused or that may be caused by the CLIENT, who will be solely responsible for them.

4- The LESSOR declines all responsibility for damages caused to third parties during the rental period if the CLIENT deliberately provided false information, particularly regarding their identity, address, or driver’s license validity. “There will be no valid insurance in these cases.”

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